Carren. 20 yrs old. just finished a degree at a university somewhere. a cold bitch. stupid as nut. impulsive. torn between milk tea and coffee. pretentious. forgetful. i want to be a fairy or a mermaid or an ice princess or a necromancer or an angel or an anime character whatever as long as it is a beautiful fictional character. deeply in love with male fictional characters especially anime characters. i love anime. clumsy. day dreamer. always procrastinate. believer. i easily trust people. sensitive. trying to be good. very lazy. loves the moon, the sun, the stars, the clouds, the wind, the sky, the ocean, the trees and wild flowers. want to have a dog. masochist. want to be a gamer. always tired. weird. have weird shaped eyes. a listener. indecisive. talkative most of the time. don't want to be the best. don't want to be normal. wants to travel. impatient. i love to eat then sleep. i love hugs. i eat too much. i expect too much so i get disappointed too much. i care too much. okay. let stop this fuck.

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lastly i want to say I love God. though it is not that obvious.